Thursday, August 27, 2009

Man Night Ale

This is my first attempt at home brewing. I only assisted my friend Drew who has all the know how. I brought the fermentor bucket home after several weeks in Mike's basement and transfered it to the bottling bucket and added the dry hops. I left it in the bottling bucket for several more weeks. I bottled it on 8-19-09, it was my first experience bottling beer.

I placed a bottle in the refrigerator last night and let it chill for about 30 hours. I opened it tonight and with a clean glass and a big pour to get it mixed the following picture is the result. Thanks again to the guys I brew with especially Drew as this is his work and I just helped. I am happy to say I will be brewing next week my very first brew and it will be an all grain brew. I will update that when it happens. I have had this blogspot for a couple years and very few things to post about. I hope that the beer brewing and time spent with friends will increase the amount of posts. Enjoy a good beer, and time with good friends every chance you get.