Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Greenville Wrestling Meet

These are pictures from the Wrestling Meet in Greenville, He won two and lost one, it was good day.

He is still having trouble learning how to finish with a pin, but he has shown great improvement.

Sorta feel bad because he was mauling this kid.......Yeah right, it was a good match, both kids did well and there was not much crying before, during, or after.

This has been what most of my winter has consisted of. I will be short on future pictures, the photographer will be working some extra shifts to help cover the cost of a cruise we have planned.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

2009 in pictures

I have assembled a few of the pictures from throughout the year of 2009, to get a sense of what we did. I started a new position at work which is why, in the first picture you see a very different Dave. Somehow I learned a new job and looking back I'm not sure how with all the stuff we did.
This is a great picture of what it looks like when a serious people stop taking themselves seriously. What a great day.

She is not impressed with our beer brewing activities, but we are rather proud of them.

The backyard brewing society, moved our operations to Boston's Pub for a demo of our brewing techniques.

I went to the top of Mt. Sopris (just under 13,000 ft) in July during a backpacking trip in Colorado.

The wildflowers were in bloom during the backpack trip and were very impressive.

I tackled the project of gutting and remodeling our master bathroom. I had a bunch of help from my Father-in-law (thanks Dave).

The view from the entryway hallway through the hall closet into the bath and bedroom, this was early in the demo. The bathroom was taken all the way to the studs.

First day of 3rd grade.

Soccer Season was busy with them both playing.

This was his first wrestling meet ever, he was excited. (so was I)

The Family had a great time at the Gulf shores of Alabama.

Just a photo I set up and took, I liked it.

After 2 hours on the jetski at fullthrottle this is the hairstyle you get.

Her 9th Birthday we spent in Houma LA, with our friends. (So big so fast, wish I could slow it down)

First day of school, his first day of Kindergarten.

We went to the Lake fishing with his Great GrandFather, just the three of us it was great.

This is just a sample of the photos, from the year in review. I may try and do a monthly posting of photos in the coming year, just to keep track of all the fun I am having watching them grow. I hope your 2010 is full of happy times that make great memories.