Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Take your hat off your head.

I took my nephew to the Dayton Dragons baseball game. They are a single A team for the Cincinnati Reds. While standing with my hat in my hand at a modified parade rest, I listened to the National Anthem. I watched a man (term used loosely) standing with his hat on in the aisle. His 13 year old Daughter reached up and removed his hat for him. I was happy that a young person should be so respectful of our traditions. A split second later I was shocked and angry when the Dad (used very loosely) snatched his hat from the girl put it back on his head and tersely berated her for removing his hat. I was so ANGRY I thought of confronting him but decided that would have been worse during the National Anthem. I looked around at the crowd and found four more Men in their mid forties wearing their hats while the band played. I was really saddened by the actions of Men who were old enough to know better. I hope this was an isolated incident, but I know it was a sign of a terrible trend......

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Fishing Trip august 06

This was a fishing trip to Kentucky. My Grandfather has a lake house that we went to. Andrew was happy to fish even without a hook. We swam in the lake and had a good four days. Brianna had fun driving the pontoon boat.

Trying something new

I am starting this to talk with other people and share stories of my daily adventures. I hope this is enjoyable and fun.