Saturday, June 28, 2008

Very Proud

I have since Brianna was little thought we would run 5K's. I am sure all parents think of things they want to impart to their children. I can tell you that I have ran almost all my life in some form or another. I am so very proud of Brianna with no training for the run she completed the 2 mile course.

As most people do she started out fast and faded around the 3/4 mile mark. Brianna was huffing, puffing, wheezing, and even crying. Brianna kept plodding along and a little girl (5 years old) and her Daddy caught up with us. Brianna ran behind the other pair still not sure if she was going to just flat quit or keep pushing. I told her that Mommy and Grandma Noey were going to be at the finish and they would not want her to finish crying. Brianna stopped struggling settled into the slower pace and did great. Brianna started getting anxious to speed up and I kept her back. We rounded the corner and exited the woods with only 100 meters to go I let her go. Brianna ran really well to the finish and as she has told everyone "BEAT DADDY". I hope to run many more races with my new running buddy. The inner strength she summoned to keep pushing when her every thought was of quitting, is priceless. I could not be more proud.

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Abbey said...

Way to go Brianna. You are an amazing little gitl. I just love that you did not give up. Andy you are such a great Dad!! That is something she can always hold on to. I would like to join your running pack this fall!!!