Sunday, March 21, 2010

Trying something new for dinner.

I have made a change in my eating habits. I can hear the two people who are actually reading this saying, "oh a diet." I would counter your skepticism with a dare, to you, to avoid a fast food window at lunch for three months. I decided around january of 2010 (largely for economic reasons) to stop eating crap handed to me through a window at work. I started in small steps like buying salads from the local grocer at lunch. I never have been a big fan of food, I view it as the necessity it is.

The more I started thinking of what I was eating the more interested I became in making a real change. I started simply by keeping protein bars in my office, a few apples, oranges, and a bag of almonds. I expanded to use the refrigerator at work, I keep blocks of cheese, cottage cheese, deli lunch meat, available and I eat when I'm hungry.

I am sure by now some of you are thinking "oh this is Adkins" or "oh this is the (insert name) diet". The truth is I have talked to some of the guys I workout with and they have given suggestions on what foods are better for certain things and I have tried to incorporate them into what I eat. I have also started to take a little closer look at the people around me and their eating habits. I have some great people around who are eager to help me learn things.
There are nights that my Wife works in the evenings, and the kids and I are left to our own devices. They are little and can't cook for me, so I cook for them. In the interest of making something that is pretty simple and quick, we eat chicken off the grill and a bag of steamed veggies from the microwave. The kids enjoy it and call it Daddy dinner. I have expanded the Daddy dinner from beef & chicken, to include fish.

I sent a message to a friend who was all to happy to give me instructions on how to grill salmon. So with the instrucions in my mind and a few minutes online checking different methods, I went to the grocery with a list in hand.

I prepared the salmon which was easier than I expected, and went to the grill. I made the preparations needed at the grill and started the process. I was a little nervous mostly because it was somehting I had never done.

I am very proud to say it turned out wonderfully. I enjoyed it, and so did my Daughter, my Son had chicken strips and fries from the oven. I hope this leads to expanding the foods we eat here at home and our overall well being.

To those of you thinking I may have lost my mind, I brewed a Belgian IPA last week that is bubbling in the fermentor as I type this. No I have not given up all things bad for me, just carbs, starches, soda. Enjoy your next meal and consider trying something new for dinner.


Mike said...

Good for you Dave, I'm glad it turned out. It looks great! I almost asked if you were going to take pictures, but didn't want to go "food crazy" on you!

I'm am completely with you on the smart eating side. As you know, I love food, but about 8 weeks ago I decided to really watch what I was eating. There is no doubt we are getting older, so a few corrective measures now should help us in the long run.

Of course, no matter what we do, I have to make room for the beer!

Abbey said...

Wow, that looks yummy. Good for you, I know it is hard to eat healthy all the time but it truly is a lifestyle change. I work pretty hard on eating healthy too, but I know I could do better.